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How many times have you joined a money making program/opportunity that appeared to be a surefire way to earn from home?

If you are like 1000's of others, then you have joined your fair share and
probably cringe when you think about how much money you have spent
joining and promoting all of them.

I'm willing to bet that at one time or another you joined a money making
program that you honestly thought would have you making money hand
over fist, but after several hundred dollars and weeks of promoting
you ended up with


What caused you to end up with Little to Zero Results?

Was it the Program?

Was it the Advertiser that you were paying to promote it for you?


7 out of 10 Affiliates that join a program that doesn't pan out ends up blaming
either the Program Owner or the Advertiser for their Failure!

Here at EzContactz Marketing we are an Email Advertising Company and
I will be the first to admit that there are times when others would like to put our
head on a chopping block!! LOL!! :)

When a person purchases a Email Ad Blast Package they automatically think
they are going to get their inbox flooded with Sales and to be quiet frank, most
of them should but there is ONE PROBLEM.....


We process 1000's of Email Ad Blasts each and every week and I will stand in front
of each of you and say this, "When it comes to Email Marketing and Ad's - We are the

We have seen pretty much every Ad a person can think of, The Good, The Bad
and of course THE UGLY!!


I don't care if you are giving away a Million Dollars - If your Ad Sucks you are NOT
going to give away the first penny!

You can have a poor product, program, website etc.... BUT if have a High Converting
Eye Catching Ad -


Many, many marketers think that the Pre-Written Ads that come with most Affiliate Programs are the best, simply because they were prepared by the owners of the program they are promoting.



If you are using the Pre-Written Ads that come with most affiliate programs then that is one of your Biggest Mistakes!


Think of it this way, if you have a program with 1000 people and they are all using the
same Pre-Written Ads, after a couple of weeks the Ad becomes Stale!!

When a person looks at an Ad a few times and they don't like what they see they will
end up deleting that same Ad the next time in comes in their inbox without even bothering to take a look, which means LITTLE to ZERO RESULTS!


If you are using an Eye Catching Pro Graphic Email Ad that NOBODY else is using, then it will create curiosity and instead of your Ad automatically being Deleted, a potential prospect will Click on your Ad and then there is a 95% chance that they will visit your Website which then Triples Your Chances at Making a Sale!



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